Finally – A Peek Behind the Scenes!

Chapter 1: Logistics Integrity

When you go to the airport and you’re preparing for a flight you go to the ticket counter, you get your boarding pass,  you hand over your bag and the attendant places it on a conveyor belt behind them. You grab a snack, board the plane, arrive at your destination and expect your bag to come down the chute at baggage claim. You don’t care how many bags are processed each day, how many people fly everyday, how many planes take off and land each day. All you care about is that your bag better come down that chute.

So that’s what logistics integrity is in a nutshell at BoConcept Philadelphia. I want the background to be noise-free. I want the customer to know that we import from Denmark over 400 containers a year. That we have two major distribution centers – one on the west cost and one on the east coast. My personal goal is to deliver the right product at the right time at the right price, defect-free.

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