What You Don’t Know About BoConcept and Definitely Should

Rana Waxman

February 12, 2018


What you probably do know about BoConcept is its location on Chestnut Street in the heart of Center City, surrounded by iconic buildings. You passed by their super sharp and inviting window display, so you also know they offer fresh, modern and vibrantly simple designs. Not to mention that luxurious sofa you have your eye on.

 BoConcept: More than a Philly Home Décor Shop

You may have walked by but not stopped in, making assumptions that the collection of Danish design furnishings and accessories are only for the rich and famous. Or, that it is all about current home decor trends fit for the chic Rittenhouse rowhomes.

But once you break down that initial barrier and just walk in, WOW will BoConcept surprise you. It fact, there are many things you don’t know about BoConcept and definitely should.

Designs for the City of Brotherly Love and the Philadelphia Row

BoConcept’s Philadelphia store is more than a home furniture warehouse where you pick a floor model or have to choose an exact catalogue match. And that is a really important point. Especially here in the City of Brotherly Love.

As recently as 2015, the Washington Post showed that Philadelphia’s architecture is dominated by over 60% of row homes.[i] That’s more than other mega cities like New York and Washington.

Let’s face it, we have unique space needs that need to be met! We want form and function.

We love furniture that makes sense, looks fantastic and makes the most out of our living space. Sometimes that means rocking a small kitchen.[ii] Or a stunning table for two that expands come Thanksgiving. Not all rooms are square – we’ve got angles! Store manager, Nathalie Navarro says the smallest sofa they have is 56 inches wide. She remembers this from a home consult she did in one of the colonial row homes in Old City.

And that is probably the first thing you didn’t know about BoConcept. Here, you absolutely do not have to squeeze yourself into some interior design trends that don’t line up with your tastes. Or just aren’t realistic to Philly’s unique architecture. In fact, Nathalie enthusiastically says, “If you have a weird nook, I’m into it. We like the funky spaces – they are design challenges.”

The ‘Concept’ Behind BoConcept Philadelphia

There is a central philosophy, mantra, if you will, that guides the owner, Terrace Daniels, and his warm, skilled staff. “The rule is there is no rule. If you feel it, we love it.” In other words, it is all about you, the client, and making you feel like the rich and famous. Even if you are on a budget or want to make the most of 300 sq. ft.

One of a Kind Design at Your Budget

We are all way too accustomed to that ‘one click’ approach to buying. However, BoConcept encourages you to break free of this habit. They are not your traditional furniture store. Here, you could have your hand in everything – from the texture and color of the fabrics, to the hardware and moldings. You get to have unique furniture that you helped design.

To this point, talented staff strive to customize your living space to who you are without imposing their vision on you. That said, they take the time to carefully consider client and space needs. It is a one-one experience and truly makes home décor an exciting adventure.

Did you know they had 125 fabrics and leathers plus a range of modular options? That you could choose finishes and features? You love the couch but want it to recline, just tell them. This is where practicality meets your home fashion sense. Maybe you have kids and want something durable. Or, perhaps it’s all about glam. No worries.

Clients vs Customer Approach

Nathalie says the shopping process at BoConcept Philadelphia could take a little longer than if you make a purchase at a furniture outlet or large chain. This, she says is because of the client vs. customer approach.

To match you with your perfect furniture, Nathalie highlights the fact that, “we take the time to do it right the first time.” And, for this you need to build relationships with your clients. Do they have pets? Are they loungers? In order to customize furniture, and especially to have it all work for each client, the philosophy is more about getting to know people, rather than assuming everyone has the same needs.

Furthermore, there is no online shopping. You could look through the online catalogue, but because everything is customizable, you need to get yourself to 1719 Chestnut Street.

In Home Consultation

Wondering how to choose furniture? Have trouble visualizing how to fit a sofa into your living room? Can’t figure out if your new pieces will go with your heirlooms? This is where those who “can’t see it” are taken care of through an in-home consultation.

Plus, you should know that no project is too small or large. You might be looking to maximize a 400 sq. ft. row home or a 4000 ft. penthouse. It could be for a whole house or apartment, a room or even just a quest for that one piece of furniture that you need – desk, sofa, drawers, shelf unit etc.


Most clients walk in with some questions. Here are a few of them to clear up other things you may not know about BoConcept Philadelphia.

Walk me through a home consultation

Each in-home consultation typically starts with a visit to the store where you are walked through a variety of products and possibilities. Once you are excited, you could book a consultant to come over to your home.

The consultant often brings fabrics plus on-point knowledge to see how to work with your existing space, budget and tastes. From there, this gets put together for you in a 3D rendering which is presented in-store. Here you will see floor plans, prospective accessories (E.g. art, rugs, the perfect accent pillow). This makes it easier to “test drive your living space.”

Now, if you say “I love it but now that I see the color, it doesn’t feel right” this is not a problem at all – this is part of the solution because again, it is a one-one process. If you say, “I love it but I’m now not ready.” This is no trouble either, however there will be a $150.00 charge. Incidentally, this charge is complimentary when you make your purchase(s).

What areas in Philly do you go to?

Nathalie says if they can get there within a 2-hour mark by car or public transit, you should be good to go. Of course, there is a great and loyal client base in Rittenhouse Square, Art Museum, Fairmount, Old City. But beyond, with all the new construction, this client base is expanding into Point Breeze, Graduate Hospital, Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Kensington.

I love that couch in the window but it’s out of my price point. How could I scale it to my budget?

All prices are upfront at BoConcept, with 2 prices on the front and 8 on the back. In other words, they are used to working with a variety of price points.

Scaling down to match a budget could be done expertly since there are 4 different fabric price groups, and 4 different leather price groups. Leg styles are another easy way to make something more affordable to you – wood instead of metal for instance.

If you love the blue velvet but can’t spend that way now, there is a non-velvet alternative that is unique to the store called BoConcept Easy Nubuck. It has aquaclean technology meaning you clean it with water, not Scotch Guard. Essentially, there are ways to simulate the look you love but at a price tag that matches your pocket book.

And that doesn’t mean it is less durable or of inferior quality. In fact, the fabrics and leather are graded. For leather, price is determined by how unblemished the hide. For fabric, it is based on how labor intensive the weave.

What is the biggest misconception people have about shopping at BoConcept?

“Price for sure.”

Do people ever buy floor models?

“Floor models find the clients and not the other way around.” Sometimes clients are time sensitive or just love the recliner they sat in when they stopped by. Interested clients could join the online mailing list or check out the site which lists available floor models. Also, a good time to look for them is in summer. New catalogue comes out in September.

Get to Know BoConcept Philadelphia

This accessible Philly home décor store has a gorgeous showroom and welcoming consultants. Get to know more about BoConcept in person or reach out by phone, fax, or email. For more details and to see the online catalogue go here.



[ii] https://www.homes.com/blog/2017/10/small-kitchens-new-kitchen-block/

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