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Clients from small businesses to major multinational companies have the opportunity to create great work environments that fit both their style and their budget. When it comes to finding the right furniture for your project, the only limit is your imagination. With our modular furniture collection there are many options to choose from and there is a perfect solution for everyone – from reception areas to conference rooms, indoors or out. Finishing touches are important as well. BoConcept’s wide range of lamps, rugs and accessories can make the difference and make your employees, clients and guests feel more at home.

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The Concept

A Multinational Company

We have more than 300 showrooms in over 60 countries where local teams and franchisees are ready to assist you in your next project.

Interior Decoration Service

Our professional interior decorators can make complete interior solutions for you – visualized on detailed 3D drawings. You can also use their great experience in working together with designers and architects from all over the world.

Delivery & Assembly

Once the order has been placed and the furniture has been produced according to your wishes, our dedicated team will take care of delivery and expert assembly.

60+ Years of Experience

Our experience has given us in-depth knowledge of achieving beautiful design that works for our customers.

The Collection

A Coordinated Collection

Our collection offers a wide range of high quality design furniture as well as a wide selection of lamps, rugs and accessories.


Enjoy the great modularity of our furniture. Our sofas can be adapted in size and shape, our tables come in different sizes and our wall systems can be designed to fit your needs perfectly.

Fabrics and Leathers

Choose between a wide range of high quality fabrics and leathers in numerous colors.


Every single piece of furniture has gone through thorough quality and performance tests to make sure that it is suitable for business and public usage. Therefore we offer a 2 year warranty on all our products.

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