BoConcept & Malcolm Jenkins

A Perfect Match! We would like to welcome Malcolm Jenkins, safety for the Philadelphia Eagles​ to BoConcept and thank him for supporting our brand! Stay tuned as expert designer Nathalie Navarro​ helps refresh his men’s fashion store, Damari Savile​ (located right here in Center City!), with some key statement pieces like the iconic Imola Chair,

A Sneak Peek (…Continued)!

Chapter 2: The Back Most people only focus on the front of the store. Sure that’s where we keep all the gorgeous furniture and accessories are, but the back is where all the energy is! It all comes down to ensuring that the customer has a seamless, effortless means of getting information. The staff here at

Finally – A Peek Behind the Scenes!

Chapter 1: Logistics Integrity When you go to the airport and you’re preparing for a flight you go to the ticket counter, you get your boarding pass,  you hand over your bag and the attendant places it on a conveyor belt behind them. You grab a snack, board the plane, arrive at your destination and