The Guest – 2nd Short Film featuring Mads Mikkelsen

We are once again featuring the award winning Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen in a short film. The Guest is a funny and very entertaining film; a sequel to the hit ‘THE CALL’. This time Mads Mikkelsen shows his comedy talents together with old actor friend Dejan Cukic. It is not as if Mads Mikkelsen lacks company of beautiful women, but in this film clever furniture details seem to have become the new love of his life. And who can blame him?

As you know we specializes in making multifunctional pieces of furniture that help you optimize space and make life a little easier. And it definitely comes easy for Mads Mikkelsen when he shows off his new home to his good friend, while playing with extendable and lift able tables, convertible sofas and under-bed storage.


The set
While the first film THE CALL was a stylish drama, THE GUEST takes on a more light and fun approach. The main interior color has been changed to white without compromising the elegant style. BoConcept Visual Manager Jette Christensen explains: ‘This film is light hearted and more casual, but we wanted to maintain a high level of elegance with an exquisite tone-in-tone selection of white and gray. Using leather, metallic colors and glass keeps the set looking glamorous’.


The location
The film is shot on location in Valencia, Spain where bestselling BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen normally lives and has his own design office. In fact, Morten Georgsen is the creator of many of the furniture stars in the film. ‘I have always believed that beauty and function must go hand in hand. What’s the point of beautiful design if you cannot use it.’


Style service
With THE GUEST, we want to communicate that we can help you make the most out of space space with multifunctional furniture design. In connection with the films we also offers you a chance to win our personal interior decoration service including furniture for $5,000. You can enter the competition by clicking on Mads below: